2020–21 Departmental Plan (DP) – Gender-based analysis plus

General information

Governance structures

As Canada's financial intelligence unit, FINTRAC helps protect the integrity of Canada's financial system through the detection, prevention and deterrence of money laundering and terrorist financing activities. Its core responsibilities are two-fold: 1) legislated gathering of financial data from reporting entities such as banks, money service businesses, and casinos; and 2) analysis and production of financial intelligence for Canada's police, law enforcement and national security agencies. FINTRAC does not provide services to the general public. Outreach activities are primarily conducted with restricted clientele, such as reporting entities, to ensure they understand their legal obligations to provide data to FINTRAC and comply accordingly.

FINTRAC is a separate employer with a specific regulatory mandate and a small complement of resources. Diversity related activities, which include notions of GBA+, are outlined in the FINTRAC employment equity and multiculturalism action plan. The action plan was endorsed by the centre's Management Advisory Committee (MAC) and approved by the Executive Committee (EXCO). MAC is a standing committee that supports EXCO by providing direction and oversight for the internal service priorities, programs, policies, processes and systems that sustain FINTRAC's operational program activities and policy development initiatives. EXCO ensures the essential conditions, such as internal coherence, corporate discipline and alignment to outcomes, are in place for providing effective strategic direction, internal oversight, and the delivery of cost effective results. Both committees are comprised of senior executives as well as the Chief Human Resources Officer, who is well versed in the diversity landscape. Related matters are also brought to these committees annually for updates and discussions. Additionally, FINTRAC has an Employment Equity and Multiculturalism champion and committee in place which supports discussions and considerations in this area.

Human resources

Due to the nature and scope of FINTRAC's mandate, which is specific and largely regulatory, FINTRAC has less than one full-time equivalent (FTE) that will be dedicated to GBA+ in 2020–21. Related resources as outlined in the Governance structures section are also involved.

Planned initiatives

Given FINTRAC's mandate as Canada's Financial Intelligence Unit, the Centre's ability to directly influence the economic and social outcomes of GBA+ is limited. The difficulty in integrating GBA+ into our operations, as well as policy and legislation/regulation development, is that the primary focus of our business is the receipt and analysis of financial transaction reports submitted by reporting entities. Reporting entities are not required to identify a client's gender in said reports, and as a result, this dimension cannot be systematically analyzed to produce strategic intelligence or inform decisions. As a result, there are no major direct planned initiatives to be undertaken by the Centre.

Although not driven solely by GBA+, FINTRAC's contributions to project level investigations can have the ability to result in an indirect positive impact as it relates to GBA+. One example of this would be Project Protect. This Project is an ongoing initiative that mobilizes partners from across the country – including FINTRAC, financial institutions, police, and law enforcement – to counter human trafficking in the sex trade. This is a crime where the victims are largely vulnerable women and girls, and FINTRAC's contributions are evident in the way that the Centre aids its partners in following the money trail so that they may seek justice for the victims and prevent others from falling prey.

Reporting capacity and data

FINTRAC is not involved in the delivery of programs or services to individual Canadians; the Centre does not actively have any programs that collect and keep sufficient individual recipient microdata information. By ensuring reporting entity compliance with the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act – and producing actionable financial intelligence for FINTRAC's police, law enforcement, and national security partners – FINTRAC helps to protect the integrity of Canada's financial system to the benefit of all Canadians.

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