Register your money services business (MSB) or your foreign money services business (FMSB)

FINTRAC does not charge registration fees.

Certain persons or entities are not eligible to register and therefore cannot operate an MSB or FMSB. For more information, see Who is not eligible to register?

Who must register?

Money services businesses

If you are a money services business (MSB) operating in Canada, you must register with us at the start of your business.

If you are an MSB licensed or registered with a province or territory, you still have to register with FINTRAC.

For more information about who is an MSB, please see Money services businesses.

Foreign money services businesses

Foreign money services businesses (FMSBs) must register with FINTRAC.

  • An FMSB is a person or an entity without a place of business in Canada that directs and provides MSB services to people located in Canada.

For more information about who is an FMSB, please see Foreign money services businesses.

Submit your initial registration

How to register

Steps to register your MSB

MSB registration system overview

What to expect once you sign in to the MSB registration system

Your other registration obligations

Update your registration information

Modify or add information such as contacts, agents, locations, and activities

Respond to clarification requests

What is a clarification request and how do I respond?

Renew your registration

When and how do I renew my registration, and how do I find my expiry date?

Cancel your registration

Have you stopped offering MSB services?

Denial or revocation of registration

We can deny your registration request or revoke your MSB or FMSB registration for the following reasons:

Note: FMSBs must inform FINTRAC of any change to the name or address of their Canadian representative for service within 30 days. Your registration will be revoked or denied if you fail to notify FINTRAC within the 30-day period.

If your registration is denied or revoked, the reasons will be provided to you in writing. Should you not agree with our decision, you can request a review of your file. See Reviews and appeals.

If you do not register, you may be assessed penalties or incur other consequences.

Please note that the information and instructions contained in the linked webpages also apply to FMSBs.

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