Financial intelligence

Access information on the role FINTRAC's financial intelligence plays in money laundering and terrorism financing investigations.

Law enforcement and partner agencies

FINTRAC adds value to criminal investigations by providing intelligence on the money trail—information that is not readily available elsewhere.

How FINTRAC builds a case

The link chart of a money laundering case, with details changed or deleted for security and privacy reasons, demonstrates what FINTRAC includes in a case disclosure to law enforcement. 

Strategic intelligence

FINTRAC produces strategic intelligence products which provide analytical perspectives on the nature, scope and threats posed by money laundering and terrorism financing. The products focus on the identification of money laundering and terrorist financing-related methods, techniques, and vulnerabilities for the purpose of increasing public awareness.

Sharing intelligence, making the links

Learn how FINTRAC can assist investigations.

The Case (information video)

Examination of a money laundering case brought to light by our analysis team.

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