FINTRAC web reporting system (FWR – formerly F2R)

Foreign money services businesses submitting Electronic Funds Transfer Reports through FINTRAC web reporting need to apply an interim measure because of a technical issue. Other reporting entity sectors are not affected.

What is the FINTRAC web reporting system?

FINTRAC web reporting is a secure system accessed over the internet that lets reporting entities manually enter and correct reports individually. The reports that can be submitted with this system are:

  • Suspicious Transaction Reports (STRs)
  • Large Cash Transaction Reports (LCTRs)
  • non-SWIFT Electronic Funds Transfer Reports (EFTIs, EFTOs)
  • Casino Disbursement Reports (CDRs)
  • Large Virtual Currency Transaction Reports (LVCTRs)

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FINTRAC web reporting system overview

How do I get access to FINTRAC web reporting?

You need to enroll with FINTRAC to obtain access.

Contact us to enroll by:

In order to enroll, you will need to provide:

  • your company's legal or business name that you will use for filing reports
  • the main address where your company does business
  • the type of reports that you plan to file
  • the name of your FINTRAC web reporting administrator
  • the name of your FINTRAC web reporting administrator's assistant, if you choose to use this role

Your FINTRAC web reporting administrator will receive a username and password for the system. Your administrator manages access for your organization's users and maintains information about the locations and contacts you will use on your reports.

Browser requirements

To use FINTRAC web reporting, your browser needs to:

  • have JavaScript enabled
  • accept cookies. A cookie is a small text file placed on your computer by the FINTRAC web reporting website.
  • support 128-bit Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. TLS is a widely adopted standard for ensuring secure web communications.  It provides a secure channel between your browser and FINTRAC that reduces the risk of data being compromised.

Although other web browsers may work, we have tested Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 9 or greater, for use with the FINTRAC web reporting system.

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