The Public Service Renewal Story of FINTRAC

The Public Service Renewal Story of FINTRAC (Transcript)

The Public Service Renewal Story of FINTRAC

FINTRAC’s transformation began in 2011 with initiatives such as…

  • A comprehensive new People Management Framework that linked the Leadership, Workforce and Workplace drivers of a high performing organization.
  • A horizontal working group that led FINTRAC’s contributions to the five-year Parliamentary Review of the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Financing (AML/ATF) Regime.
  • A Financial Intelligence Business Review launched with the objective of modernizing FINTRAC’s core analysis capacity.
  • A proactive response to the 2011 Public Service Employee Survey (PSES) that engaged all employees in a discussion of the results and development of action plans.

Since the launch of Blueprint 2020 in 2013, FINTRAC has looked for ways to contribute…

FINTRAC contributions to Blueprint 2020:

1. Fundamentals of Public Service

  • 93% of FINTRAC employees agree that they are proud of the work they do. (2014 PSES)
  • 86% agree that FINTRAC does a good job of communicating its vision, mission and goals. (2014 PSES)
  • 88% agree that employees of FINTRAC carry out their duties in the public’s interest. (2014 PSES)
  • 78% agree that discussions about values and ethics occur in the workplace. (2014 PSES)
  • This innovative monthly learning series is one of the tangible outcomes of FINTRAC’s response to the 2011 PSES and enables employees to learn more about various aspects of the Centre and its business.
  • Since the launch of the series, over 1000 participants have attended more than 50 sessions on a variety of topics including financial intelligence, compliance, international relationships, procurement and staffing.
FINTRAC’s place in the Public Service
  • The Corporate Overview attended by all new employees describes FINTRAC’s mission, vision and operations, and explores FINTRAC and Public Service values and culture.
  • FINTRAC’s Deputy Head presented a customized “How Ottawa Works” session to situate FINTRAC within the broader Public Service and explain key concepts such as the expenditure management system and role of central agencies.
  • FINTRAC’s Code of Conduct, Values and Ethics builds on the public sector code, addressing the unique FINTRAC context as well as conflict of interest.

2. People Management

  • 82% of FINTRAC employees agree that they receive useful feedback from their immediate supervisor on their job performance.
  • 79% agree that they get the training they need to do their job. (2014 PSES)
  • 72% agree that FINTRAC does a good job of supporting employee career development. (2014 PSES)
Organizational Design and Classification
  • FINTRAC is currently undertaking a functional review of its corporate work to determine the optimal structure to support the business. It will be completed by March 2016.
  • Efforts are on-going to progressively streamline accountability profiles through increasing use of generic job concepts, standardized titles, and consistent language.
Performance Management
  • As a separate employer, FINTRAC maintains its own rigorous Performance Management Program, with performance agreements and learning plans for all employees.
  • Supervisors provide regular feedback, and performance is assessed both in terms of results achieved and success in demonstrating the FINTRAC Values and Leadership Competencies.
  • Formal and instant awards recognize excellence, leadership, innovation, and teamwork.
Learning and Development
  • FINTRAC conducts an annual learning plan analysis to identify opportunities to achieve economies of scale through corporate training.
  • The analysis also helps maximize use of seats and participant days allocated by the Canada School of Public Service for its programs and courses.
  • To foster bilingualism, FINTRAC offers a part-time second language training program and an informal Language Buddy System. Approximately one quarter of all employees participate in one or both programs for maintenance or career development purposes.

3. Innovative Practices and Networking

  • 80% of FINTRAC employees agree that they are encouraged to be innovative or to take initiative in their work. (2014 PSES)
A Culture of Collaboration
  • Horizontal working groups and committees encourage collaboration in areas such as:
    • Executive Governance
    • Parliamentary Review
    • Public Service Employee Survey
    • Analytics Modernization
    • Financial Action Task Force Mutual Evaluation
    • FINTRANET Redesign
    • Official Languages
    • Employment Equity and Multiculturalism
Transformational Leadership
  • Strengthening leadership capacity is an organizational priority.
    • Annual Leadership Forum for Executives
    • Leadership Series for New and Near Managers
    • Participants in Canada School of Public Service development programs
    • Corporate Training
Open Data
  • Through the portal, FINTRAC provides timely Money Services Business Registry information exchanges with partners and allows for data set integration with their IT systems.

4. Processes and Empowerment

  • 83% of FINTRAC employees agree that they have opportunities to provide input into decisions that affect their work. (2014 PSES)
  • 83% agree that they have access to FINTRAC’s senior management. (2014 PSES)
Making Engagement “Business as Usual”
  • FINTRAC values the ideas and talents of its people and employs a variety of communications and engagement mechanisms including:
    • Horizontal working groups and committees
    • Engagement sessions
    • All-staff Town Halls and presentations
    • FINTRANET portals and surveys
Partnering with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • The shared FINTRAC/CRA reporting process for Electronic Funds Transfers employs a “tell us once” strategy that minimizes the administrative burden for Canadian businesses that must provide information to both organizations.
  • The new process was launched successfully on January 1, 2015. As of October 2015, more than 11 million reports had been submitted and the feedback from reporting entities was positive.

5. Modern Technology

  • 90% of FINTRAC employees agree that they have the materials and equipment they need to do their job. (2014 PSES)
  • 85% agree that their physical environment is suitable for their job requirements. (2014 PSES)
New Partnerships
  • FINTRAC works closely with Shared Services Canada and other partners to determine how IT modernization initiatives, such as the Email Transformation Initiative and Web Renewal, can be integrated into the Centre’s operations, and leverages GCpedia and GCconnex to contribute to enterprise-wide initiatives.
  • FINTRAC has also partnered with the Communications Security Establishment and Canadian Security Intelligence Service to implement the Phoenix Pay System.
Innovative Solutions
  • FINTRAC enhanced its enterprise-wide search function by leveraging Google technology.
  • Portable scanners and an e-portal pilot are enhancing the efficiency and security of document transmission and storage for examinations.
  • Enhancements to the video conference suite and other technologies help keep the regions connected, and FINTRAC is piloting use of tablets as part of its greening strategy.

6. Reinvigorating Recruitment

  • 83% of FINTRAC employees believe that in their work unit, we hire people who can do the job. (2014 PSES)
  • 72% agree that in their work unit, the process of selecting a person for a position is done fairly. (2014 PSES)
Planning for the Future
  • FINTRAC is currently developing a three-year strategic Human Resources Plan.
  • It links to the organizational priorities and asks each sector to consider how evolving business needs will impact the structure of the organization and what new skills will be required.
  • Links will be made to the annual Staffing Plans and various People Management Action Plans to form a comprehensive perspective.
Growing Talent from Within
  • The forthcoming FINTRAC Exchange Program is a highly sought-after internal assignment program designed to promote capacity building, leadership development, collaboration, excellence and the retention of a highly engaged and talented workforce.
Attracting New Talent
  • In the last year, FINTRAC modernized and streamlined its tools and procedures, including those for candidate communication and assessment.
  • The average length of time required to complete an externally advertised staffing process is now four months.
  • The Centre continues to leverage collective and pool staffing opportunities, and will explore the potential for creating inventories to staff entry level positions across multiple sectors.

7. Building a Healthy, Respectful and Supportive Workplace

  • 95% of FINTRAC employees agree that they have positive working relationships with their co-workers. (2014 PSES)
  • 91% agree that in their work unit, individuals behave in a respectful manner. (2014 PSES)
  • 84% agree that they have support at work to balance their work and personal life. (2014 PSES)
  • 92% agree that they have the information, training and equipment they need to ensure their health and safety at work. (2014 PSES)
Shining the Light
  • In 2014–15, FINTRAC offered two mental health awareness sessions in partnership with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and one session on access and ability given by Employment and Social Development Canada.
  • As part of Healthy Workplace Month, FINTRAC organized health check and flu vaccination clinics, as well as information sessions on the Employee Assistance Program. Employees are also eligible for group discounts on fitness club memberships.
Sustaining the Dialogue
  • FINTRAC launched its reinvigorated Policy on the Prevention and Resolution of Conflict and Harassment in 201415, and complementary training will be available later this fiscal year.
  • Respect in the Workplace is one of four themes being explored through the 2014 PSES engagement activities, and will form part of the FINTRAC PSES Action Plan.

8. Reinforcing the Policy Community

Enhancing Contribution through Collaboration
  • FINTRAC’s newly revived Policy Working Group brings together expertise from across all FINTRAC sectors to ensure that policy development and legislative and regulatory change proposals benefit from a horizontal perspective.
  • The group is chaired by FINTRAC’s centre of policy expertise and reports to the executive-level Policy and Operations Committee.
  • The group also collaborates with the Department of Finance and other AML/ATF regime partners as appropriate.

FINTRAC’s transformation continues in key areas…

  • Policy and Legislative Framework
  • Analytics Modernization
  • 2014 Public Service Employee Survey

Policy and Legislative Framework

Maximizing FINTRAC’s Contributions

  • Policy research and development is a FINTRAC priority for 2015–16 and beyond.
  • In September, all employees were invited to participate in blue-sky brainstorming sessions to identify how FINTRAC could maximize its compliance and intelligence work and what legislative and other tools would be needed.
  • Approximately one fifth of working-level employees participated in person or online, yielding a rich diversity of perspectives.
  • The ideas generated are helping FINTRAC to frame and prepare proposals to improve the AML/ATF regime’s effectiveness in concert with its partners and other stakeholders.

Analytics Modernization (AMO)

Enabling End-to-End Financial Intelligence

  • AMO is FINTRAC’s key technology modernization initiative.
  • FINTRAC depends on a sophisticated information technology infrastructure to receive, store and secure nearly 20 million financial transaction reports each year.
  • The Centre is strategically investing in its analytics system and business processes in order to provide valuable intelligence products that are aligned with its partners' priorities and identify emerging trends related to money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • As FINTRAC replaces its entire suite of analytics tools over the next two years, the impact of this investment will be sweeping and long lasting. It will bring tremendous efficiency through the automation of manual work and allow for the full utilization of the Centre’s data and knowledge.

2014 Public Service Employee Survey

Engaging Employees in People Management

  • 96% of FINTRAC employees participated in the 2014 PSES, which demonstrated their collective belief in the importance of the survey.
  • All employees have been invited to participate in engagement sessions to further discuss key themes including Leadership, Staffing and Career Development, Respect in the Workplace, and Sustaining Excellence.
  • Feedback from the engagement sessions, as well as other sources such as the Leadership Series, will inform the development of PSES Action Plans for FINTRAC and each sector. The plans will be tabled in January with progress reported semi-annually thereafter.
  • According to the survey results, 76% of employees believe that senior management will try to resolve concerns raised and FINTRAC fully intends to honour this vote of confidence.

As with any transformation there are opportunities and challenges:

Managing the Scope of Change

  • With the high number and wide variety of FINTRAC and Public Service-wide transformation initiatives, the risks of change fatigue and competition for resources are imminent.
  • Linkages are being made between the horizontal working groups to share information and resources, and there is a common Executive Champion for AMO, the PSES and Blueprint 2020.
  • Leading and living through transformation courses were included in the suite of Corporate Training for 2015–16.
  • FINTRAC is strategic in its participation in enterprise-wide initiatives, fulfilling its obligations without overcommitting its resources.

Telling a Cohesive Story

  • Communication is critical for ensuring the vision is clear and all employees understand their role and what it means for them.
  • The Deputy Head presented his vision for the future at a recent Town Hall, and challenged all employees to be leaders in its implementation.
  • A new Transformation Initiatives portal was launched on the FINTRANET, which conveniently presents information on the Policy and Legislative Framework, AMO, Blueprint 2020, PSES and the Email Transformation Initiative.

Ensuring the Structure Supports Success

  • As FINTRAC matures in its business operations, it is taking the opportunity to review its organizational structure.
  • A Senior Deputy Director of Operations position was created to provide common leadership for the compliance and tactical financial intelligence programs.The future vision also provides greater opportunities for collaboration between the two.
  • An independent organization design expert is conducting a functional review of the Centre’s corporate work to help optimize support to the business.The review will be completed by March.

As the Centre celebrates its 15th anniversary, it looks forward to a bright future.

To succeed, FINTRAC will…

  • imagine
  • insire
  • implement

…because FINTRAC employees are…

  • leaders
  • innovative
  • collaborative
  • agile
  • high performing
  • respectful
  • excellent
  • proud

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