Update your registration information

Once you are a registered money services business (MSB) or a foreign money services business (FMSB), you must keep your registration information up to date. If there are any changes, such as a change of address of your contact person or of your representative for service in Canada, you must inform FINTRAC within 30 days.

How to update your information

Step 1:

Sign in to the MSB Registration(This will open a new window) System using your user ID and password.

Step 2:

On the homepage, follow the instructions and select "Make changes" to update your registration information.

**Note: The number of employees and the annual volume of activities only have to be updated when you renew your registration.

Step 3:

Once your changes have been made, submit your MSB registration form. See MSB registration system overview.

If we need more information, we will send you a clarification request. See Respond to clarification requests.

If you do not keep your registration information up to date, you may be assessed penalties or incur other consequences.

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