Renew your registration

Your registration is valid for two years. You must renew your registration before its expiry date. FINTRAC will send you a renewal reminder a few weeks before your registration is set to expire. However, it is your responsibility to make sure your registration is renewed on time.

Where is the registration expiry date?

You can find your registration expiry date in the following places:

How to renew your registration

Step 1:

Sign in to the MSB Registration(This will open a new window) System using your user ID and password.

Step 2:

On the homepage, follow the instructions and select "Start renewal".

Step 3:

Review your registration information and update all fields that require changes.

Step 4:

Once your changes have been made, submit your MSB registration form. See MSB registration system overview.

If more information is required, FINTRAC will send you a clarification request.

If you do not renew your registration, you may be assessed penalties or incur other consequences.

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