Electronic Reporting to FINTRAC:  F2R

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If you already have a user ID and password to access F2R, you can log on.

F2R is a secure Internet service for the submission of reports to FINTRAC. Each report is keyed individually by completing reporting screens relating to the report type.

An administrator has to be assigned for each reporting entity to control access to F2R and maintain information about locations, contacts, etc.

To access F2R you must first complete FINTRAC's enrolment process for electronic reporting. Once a reporting entity is enrolled, individual users need a user ID and a password. For more information about using F2R, see the pamphlet called F2R Web Reporting Quick Reference (PDF version, 141 kb) and the F2R User Guide.

Note specific to electronic funds transfers reporting when using F2R: as of January 1st, 2015, all EFT reporting will be done through a Shared Reporting Process that allows reporting of EFTs simultaneously to both FINTRAC and the CRA.