Reporting to FINTRAC

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Reports required from reporting entities

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If you already have a user ID and password to access F2R, you can log on.

If you are a reporting entity, you have to send the following reports to FINTRAC, depending on your activities:

Reporting entities can enter into an agreement for a service provider to send reports to FINTRAC on their behalf.

If you do not have the technical capability to report electronically, you must do so on paper.

Terrorist property reports
Unlike your other reports to FINTRAC, a terrorist property report is only submitted on paper. You cannot send this report electronically.

Alternative to large cash transaction reports
(financial entities only)

Other reporting

In addition to the reports listed above, FINTRAC can also receive the following:

Voluntary information
about suspicions of money laundering or financing of terrorist activities.

Cross-border currency or monetary instruments reports