Operational briefs and alerts

Operational Briefs and Alerts provide indicator-based information for reporting entities on specific money laundering and terrorist financing issues, with a focus on methods, threats, and vulnerabilities. These products are intended to support reporting entities in meeting their compliance obligations, to assist them with factors to consider in their risk assessments, and provide an additional information resource when they consider their need for possible risk mitigation.

Operational briefs

Operational Briefs are intended to provide clarification and guidance on issues that impact the ability of reporting entities to maintain a strong compliance regime. More specifically, these products are focused on risk and vulnerabilities associated with exploitation for money laundering and terrorist activity financing, and on meeting reporting obligations with respect to suspicious transaction reports.

Operational alerts

Operational Alerts provide up-to-date indicators of suspicious financial transactions and high-risk factors related to specific methods of money laundering and terrorist activity financing that are important either because they represent new methods, re-emerging methods or long-standing methods that present a particular challenge.

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